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Juno Beach Sunset

Juno Beach Sunset From Juno Beach Pier

Juno Beach, Florida is not just great for sunrise photography.  It’s also great for sunset photography as well!  Friday evening at the Juno Beach Pier was one of those evenings.  The sunset from Juno Beach Pier was spectacular.  I decided to photograph the sunset on the pier itself.  It gave me a chance to use leading lines from a elevated position.  With the end of turtle nesting season, the Juno Beach Pier is open until midnight.  So stop by for some Juno Beach sunset photography some time!

Juno Beach Sunset from Juno Beach Pier

Juno Beach Pier at Sunset


The photo above was three exposures at -2,0,+2 and tone mapped in Photomatix Pro for HDR.  The tone mapped image was brought into Adobe Lightroom for some color balancing and lighting adjustments.  That image was imported into Adobe Photoshop where adjustments were made to the curves and levels.  Finally, adding some sharpening to keep points of the photo.

This photo is available in print on various media (paper, canvas, thin wrap and metal – ready to hang!)  It is also available as a personal download for computers, tablets and phones or commercial digital download for print, etc.   To purchase a print or digital download, click the link below and above the photograph on the right is a “buy” button to add the photograph to your cart.  From there, you can pick was size print and the medium you wish.

Juno Beach Pier at Sunset

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