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Steve Huskisson Photography Black Friday Sale

Steve Huskisson Photography Black Friday Sale

Juno Beach Pier

Early Morning – Juno Beach, Florida

Are you one of those that hates to wake up to Black Friday sales and fight the traffic and crowds?  Do you dread standing in line for that great deal only to find out the store had 10 pieces to sell?  Steve Huskisson Photography Black Friday Sale is a great way to sleep in and get that perfect gift for your family and friends!  From November 25th – December 24th, 2013 you can take 20% off your order during the Steve Huskisson Photography Black Friday Sale.

This includes prints (even on metal that is ready to hang) and digital downloads, including commercial digital downloads!  During your order process you will see approximate shipping times to get your item before Christmas.

COUPON CODE – shphoto

So how do you get the goods?

One comment that I get is that it is a bit confusing during the ordering process.  Navigating, selecting your prints, etc.  So a bit of big news and I’ll write about this again in a future blog!

Steve Huskisson Photography website has been upgraded!!!

What does this mean for you?  A cleaner looking page that is hopefully easier to navigate and purchase your prints or digital downloads.

The new Steve Huskisson Photography has sublinks to the Portfolio link.  This is where you see our pictures!

The new Steve Huskisson Photography has sublinks to the Portfolio link. This is where you see our pictures!

This is the main page of Steve Huskisson Photography.  A new feature here is the sublink to the Portfolio.  To view our images, drag your mouse over Portfolio and the sublinks of Landscape, Vehicles, and Interior/Exteriors pops up!  Click on Landscape for example and you will get the screen below!

This is where you see the different galleries in the appropriate category selected.

This is where you see the different galleries in the appropriate category selected.

If you’ve clicked on Landscapes from the sublink drop down from Portfolio, this is the screen you will see next.  Since you selected Landscapes, you now can choose between sunrise, sunset, etc.  By clicking on a gallery, you will see that gallery with all the images and a chance to purchase any you wish as seen below!

This is where you view all the images in a selected gallery and can purchase your print!

This is where you view all the images in a selected gallery and can purchase your print!

Once you are in the gallery you wish to view, you will see all the images available on the left hand side as thumbnails.  Clicking any one of these images will enlarge it on the right side!  At the bottom of the thumbnails (not shown) is the option to scroll through pages of thumbnails and more images in that gallery!

Now the fun part!  When you have clicked on the thumbnail preview on the left side of the page, you get the large image to view.  At the top right of that large image is a “ADD TO CART” button.  This is new to our website.  Before it was a tiny “buy photo” button and I am glad that is gone!  If you have found the image or images you wish to purchase, click add to cart and you will be presented with the screen below.  Don’t worry, you can always click on the shopping cart button anywhere on the website to make changes.


This is where you add prints to your shopping cart.

This is where you add prints to your shopping cart.

The page above is what you see after you add a image to your shopping cart by clicking “add to cart” button.  This may be a little confusing, but it’s really not too bad and pretty easy to navigate.  There are three tabs above that say “Prints / Merchandise / Downloads.  Click whichever you need!  If your looking for a print to purchase, maybe even add a frame, this is where you want to be.  The Print tab lets you select from the styles of prints in various sizes, mediums and styles such as paper, canvas, thin wraps and our best seller, metal prints.  You will see all the sizes available and finish.  Some of our images are available on merchandise such as coasters, playing cards, aprons, etc.  If you don’t see your favorite image available on merchandise, let us know and we will add it!  The last tab, “Downloads” is where you can purchase a personal license digital download for your cell phone, tablet or computer background.   If you are interested in images for your business, printed literature, advertising, etc. then a commercial license digital download is needed.

IF a image needs cropping to fit the size you need, it will say “Needs cropping in check out” and you will be able to do this shortly from the shopping cart.  If it does not say needs cropping in check out, then your all set!  The aspect ratio of the image is the full image for the size you’ve selected!

One often missed feature on this page is actually selecting the number of prints!

Next to each print size/finish to the right is two arrows with a number in the middle.  This number is 0 when you start out, because you haven’t picked what you want yet!  Use the right arrow to pick the quantity that you want.  For example, highlighted in blue on the picture above, I’ve selected 1 print at 16×24″ glossy finish on paper (standard print).  This particular size does not need any cropping, so the full image will be seen on the print.  If you are done selecting your quantity, you can now click the Checkout button to get to the series of check out screens like the next one below!

This is where you crop photos if needed or add frames, etc. to your order.

This is where you crop photos if needed or add frames, etc. to your order.

So you have selected your print that you want and arrived at this screen.  IF your image needed cropping for a specific size print you’ve selected, this is where you would do that.  In the example above, the size I selected did not need any cropping, so the image is already at full size on this print.  If you want your printed matted or framed, the highlighted button above is what you would click to purchase those separately from our website.  The shipping times are displayed on this screen as well.  The next screen (not pictured) is your shipping info and options screen.  It’s really self explanatory.  Below is the payment info screen and a place where you can enter a coupon code if one is currently available for discounts!

This is where you can enter a coupon or payment.

This is where you can enter a coupon or payment.

Your almost done ordering your print!  If you have a coupon code, this is where you enter it!  Coupon codes for Steve Huskisson Photography website are generally percentage off.  They do not include extras such as frames or shipping.  This is the actual print or digital download.  The rest of the needed information is self explanatory and in no time at all you’ll have your new Steve Huskisson print to cherish!

If you missed it above, the Steve Huskisson Photography Black Friday Sale coupon code is shphoto

Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Steve Huskisson Photography!




Take A Shot….. Or Not…..

Photography, take a shot or not?

If your like me, when I head out for some sunrise photography, I tend to take a lot of pictures. In that small window of time, before the sunrise until a few minutes after, I may take anywhere from 100 to 300 shots. I’ll grab different perspectives, angles and compositions. Even before heading out in the dark hour before sunrise, I’ll set up everything on my camera the night before. But with limited time in the early morning, sometimes you are faced with, do you take a shot or not?

Sometimes, when I get to a location I may even get distracted. Case in point this morning. I stopped by Coral Cove Beach in Tequesta, Florida. My initial plan was to set up along the rock formations and capture the ocean waves coming over the rocks with a dynamic sunrise. Just as I got set up, a fellow local photographer walked over and told me a Loggerhead Turtle was still on shore preparing to lay her eggs. Since this normally occurs in the darkness of night, I figured it would be a good photo opportunity. I gave up on the rocks and sat patiently and well away from the turtle so she wouldn’t be distracted. Once she finished, she turned and headed back to the ocean.

Loggerhead Late Start


It wasn’t the HDR or high dynamic range sunrise photography that I had planned for, but it turned out to be my best shot of the morning.

But it brings me to my point on whether to take the shot or not. For me, it’s ending up with something I totally didn’t expect when I started shooting. I’ve ended up at some locations for my sunrise photography only to find out I had left my ISO at 3200 from taking pictures of the stars the night before! Goes against my statement above, about preparing the night before. But in this case, I was tired and went to bed and headed out the door early in the morning in a rush.

At this particular location, I had walked about a 1/4 of a mile from where I parked to a spot overlooking some water. There was quite a bit of fog, but the sky looked pretty spectacular before the sun came up. Pinks, blues, yellows. It was all there. I took 96 pictures before the sun came up and the colors were gone. It was then I realized, my ISO was at 3200! I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with the noise in the photos, so I gave a sigh and packed up my tripod and headed back to my Jeep.

As I was almost back to my vehicle, I had that gut instinct to turn around. I was amazed by the lifting fog, exposing not the water scene I had hoped to capture, but the walkway leading through and the woods. So much warmth in the colors, I wasn’t sure if I could capture anything. I was faced with should I take the shot or not? Well, it’s a no brainer. We live in a digital age and my memory cards had plenty of room. It was simply a matter of setting up the tripod and picking my spot to take a shot.

I got home and quickly discarded my images I had taken during the very beginning of my journey. I was right, the noise was horrible and I didn’t want to spend too much time post processing something that I didn’t have my heart into. I got to my last set of images and processed them for HDR and was thrilled.

Sunrise in Jupiter, Florida on the first morning of Spring 2013.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this photo became one of my favorites I’ve taken. It was one of those last minute shots that may or may not have happened. So when your faced with whether to take a shot or not, take it. You might be pleasantly surprised!