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Stuart, Florida Sunsets

Stuart, Florida Sunsets.  It’s Really Not That Far…..

Stuart, Florida is about 20 miles north of me and they have some great sunsets.  One of my favorite spots is along the St. Lucie River near the Sunset Bay Marina, Sailor’s Return Restaurant and Roosevelt Bridge.  I normally get out for more sunrise shots than I do sunsets.  When I get up early in the morning, the kids are still asleep.  When I do go out for a sunset shoot, it’s usually closer to home.  I guess that is because I want to see the kids after their day at school and actually sit and have dinner with the family.

stuart, florida sunset

Stuart, Florida Sunset from the Roosevelt Bridge

Last Thursday, I took a ride up to Stuart, Florida for the sunset.  Although it was cloudy, I was still fortunate to have the sun peek through the clouds enough to give me some gorgeous color to work with for some HDR photography.  I started out on top of the Roosevelt Bridge (above picture), thanks to a phone call from a friend who photographs trains.  He was down in Hobe Sound getting pictures of the locomotive as it past and simultaneously giving me updates on how much time I had to get set up.  Within 20 minutes, the FEC (Florida East Coast Railroad) train passed by and I was ready.

After the FEC train passed, I headed down the bridge to the Sunset Bay Marina and Sailor’s Return Restaurant for more pictures.  I worked my way along the docks and buildings trying to get some good perspectives before I lost the colors.

sunset bay marina

Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, Florida

So if your in Stuart, Florida during a sunset, be sure to stop by one of these locations and enjoy the scenery!

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The photos above were three exposures at -2,0,+2 and tone mapped in Photomatix Pro for HDR.  The tone mapped image was brought into Adobe Lightroom for some color balancing and lighting adjustments.  That image was imported into Adobe Photoshop where adjustments were made to the curves and levels.  Finally, adding some sharpening to keep points of the photo.

These photos are available in print on various media (paper, canvas, thin wrap and metal – ready to hang!)  It is also available as a personal download for computers, tablets and phones or commercial digital download for print, etc.   To purchase a print or digital download, visit the gallery on the website.