HDR Photography and Who Is Steve Huskisson Anyways?

So by now, you’ve probably found your way to my corner of the internet. Maybe you’ve searched HDR or high dynamic range. Perhaps it was sunrise or sunset or maybe even beach. Either way, your here and I welcome you. Since starting out in photography, I mean really more than just taking pictures of my kids, I’ve been only posting my photographs on social media sites such as Facebook, 500px or Twitter.

It started out with personal friends and family. Then it grew to someone who knows a guy, who knows a guy and before long I was getting comments from all over about the dramatic sunrises and sunsets in the Jupiter, Florida area. Last month, I created a webpage with the help of some really cool people over at SmugMug and posted a few of my pictures which actually started selling! So in talking to SmugMug Co-Founder Michael Bonocore, he suggested I look into having my page customized and add a blog. Thus, www.stevehuskisson.com was born!

Fishing boats gather in Jupiter Inlet below the lighthouse at sunrise.

I’ve been fortunate, that in this short time to see some of my high dynamic range sunrise and sunset photos featured on various pages. Shared by local media, The Weather Channel and conservationist and artist Guy Harvey. Even a kid in my oldest son’s high school showed him a picture on his cell phone of the Juno Beach Pier. He had no idea who took the picture or that was my son. But I’ve heard the question more than once. “Who is Steve Huskisson.”

Steve Huskisson  So this is me, Steve.  I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I lived most of my life in the smaller suburb of Plantation.  I was like any kid living in Florida.  I spent many says at the beach, riding bikes, fishing, etc.

I went on and joined the volunteer Fire Department and went through EMT and Paramedic school.  I worked a bit on a ambulance before deciding that law enforcement was what I wanted to do.  After all, my dad was a cop for over 30 years.

I met my wife shortly after high school and we continued to live in Plantation in the house I grew up in.  In a strange twist, my parents moved out and headed a couple hours north to Sebring.  My wife and I had our first son while living in my house, so I got to watch him do many of the things I used to do there.

In 1998, we had a new neighbor move next door.  Nice guy, met him Christmas Eve shortly after he moved in.  He walked over as we stood out front with our son, waiting for Santa Claus to come down the street.  As he did every year, in a pick up truck with a police car escorting him.  Handing out candy canes to all the kids waiting so patiently.  So he walked over and said “hi, I’m Kevin.”  After a few minutes of socializing, he walked back into his house and a friend of ours said “you didn’t know who that was?”  Oh well, I wasn’t a big TV watcher outside of cartoons, Barney, etc. with our son.

So it turns out, Kevin was Kevin James.  He was in his first or second season of King of Queens.

In 2001, when my son was almost 5, my dad passed away and my mom needed to come live with us because she had Parkinson’s Disease.  We built a larger house in Weston, Florida and in 2003 my wife quit her career to care for my mom full time.  In 2004, we had our second boy.  We lived in a great suburban neighborhood with some of the most amazing neighbors and friends.  Everyone gathered in one driveway with chairs, drinks, etc. and all the kids played while the parents chatted.  Right out of a movie, at Halloween the streets were flooded with kids and parents alike all dressed up and going door to door.

HDR Home-is-Where-the-Heart-Is

This was our pool in Weston, Florida.  I designed it and had it built.  We had the most spectacular sunsets, because nobody lived behind us.  It was just the Florida Everglades.  This is also one of my very first HDR photos that I took in early 2011.

My mom’s condition worsened over the years and her care required my wife to provide full time love and care for her, which eventually led to a nurse having to come in.  My mom passed away in 2011 and we knew right away, we needed a smaller house, but wanted land.
We drove a little over a hour north and landed in Jupiter, Florida.  We instantly fell in love with the area.  “Boots meet sandals” we were told.  Between the farms just 10 miles west of the beaches, it was perfect.  Rural and urban life so close together, but so far away!  We quickly settled in during the summer of 2011 and the boys started school.  About that time, I started picking up on photography again and enjoyed shooting the sunrises at Coral Cove Beach, Jupiter Inlet and Juno Beach.


I incorporated HDR or high dynamic range into my photographs by taking multiple exposures of a scene.  For those interested in shooting HDR, make sure you have a tripod as the camera has to be perfectly still for each exposure.  Most of the time, I take 3 exposures at -2, 0, +2 by setting my camera to auto bracket the shots.  Thus, one image is underexposed (dark), another is overexposed (bright) and the third is a normal exposure.  Using HDR software such as Photomatix I combine my images to make one image. That is about 5% of the workflow. From there it’s into Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for the finishing touches. I’ll write more about my workflow in a future blog, so stay tuned!

So that is pretty much me in a blog.  My wife is one of my best critics and my kids give a “that looks cool dad.”  I’m still in law enforcement after 23 years and looking forward to retiring someday and pursuing photography full time into some type of career hopefully.

Until then, keep cruising!

Classic Cadillac at the SE Rods & Customs car show at Abacoa in Jupiter, Florida

Sunrise along Juno Beach, Florida

Guanabanas in Jupiter, Florida.

Juno Beach Pier at sunrise as a storm approaches from the south.

Sunset over the Manta rollercoaster at Sea World in Orlando, Florida

Sunrise in Jupiter, Florida on the first morning of Spring 2013.



10 Responses to “HDR Photography and Who Is Steve Huskisson Anyways?”

  1. Bob Decker says:

    This is a great blog, Steve. I like your enthusiasm, and like yourself, I just really got into DSLR photography a couple years ago. I started early on with HDR and got more into the macro side of things. I enjoy seeing your work on FB and 500px. Please keep spreading the love through your photography!

  2. Hi Steve, I just recently came across your work. I Work as a Photographer out of West Palm Beach. I too am on Smug Mug and have been trying to take the next step in upgrading my site to increase sales. Just recently joined 500px. Seems like a great site as well. Thank you for being a great inspiration. I’m pretty confident we will meet soon. Please check ou the some of my stuff when you get a moment. All the best, Christopher Fay

    • Steve Huskisson says:

      Nice site Christopher! Thanks for the compliments and I really was happy with the custom design! Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions regarding the company I went with, etc.

  3. Steve your blog is great. I grew up in Plantation to infact I found two horses in the Weston construction site when I was twelve. My parents ran the Bonaventure Saddle Club many years ago so I walked the two horses to Bonaventure. Haha imagine their faces;) We are so grateful for you sharing your talent & time with the Surf’s Up, Dogs competition. Look forward to purchasing some of those breathtaking masterpieces very soon. Def on my Christmas list!

  4. Hi Steve,
    I must apologize. I just saw your reply to my email.
    I received a note from you on a comment from my friend Meg Weinberger who I also have worked for in her efforts for Big Dog Ranch Rescue. I love shooting old classic cars as well but haven’t shot any in HDR yet but would love to do some experimentation. I am curious if you are just working with .jpg files or RAW. Also if you are shooting with a Nikon or Canon and also if Photomatix is the main HDR program other than Photoshop that you use. I would be happy to share some of my favorite HDR pics but would like to know best way to share. I just joined 500px and just have a place holder image for the time being and need to spend more time knowing that site. I just started with Google360 but will be working primarily on the Sales side.
    They are doing some amazing things now. Would love to chat more and now that I have this site bookmarked, I promise it won’t be as long to respond. Keep up the fabulous work! All the best, Christopher Fay

    • Christopher,
      I always shoot in RAW format. I shoot with multiple Nikon cameras, but my main one is the D600 which is a full frame Nikon. I use Photomatix only to tonemap the image, but I’ve also developed several of my own presets with the adjustment sliders. After it’s tonemapped, I work in Lightroom first and then take it into Photoshop for finishing touches.

  5. That is great to know! I have been working with Canon since my first jobs with Lucien Capehart Photography 10 years ago.
    I think it may be more of a “workhorse” camera but if I was going for Art Photography I would probably pick up the Nikon D800 and “UP” my skills in RAW. Thanks much for that info. You are an inspiration! :-) Chris

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  7. Hi! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the outstanding work!

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