Hang 20

Hang 20 during the dog days of summer!


“I don’t know sir, it’s pretty hairy in there, it’s Charlie’s point.”

As a kid, I remember this line from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 hit, “Apocalypse Now.” We had a dog Charlie and I thought with my vivid imagination, what if Charlie could hang 20 and surf?

Fast forward 34 years and here I am, standing on the beach watching and photographing dogs surfing! Ocean Magic Surf Shop and Big Dog Ranch Rescue teamed up to put together the 1st Annual Tailwagging Surf Competition last weekend along “Dog Beach” in Jupiter, Florida.

Watching the four paw K9 companions riding on surf boards that would even make Kelly Slater grip his board tighter, made for a great day. The event also helped raise awareness and money to support Big Dog Rescue Ranch and the wonderful things they do for our best friends! Local Meteorologist Kait Parker from WPTV brought “Gator” to surf the medium dog category.

For myself, I brought my two sons and one of our dogs, Lucy Bear. Lucy Bear is a Pekingese, who loves to surf and skimboard. She didn’t enter the contest this year, but she did make the local news later that night skimming across the beach. So enjoy the photos and captions from this wonderful event that will surely be even larger next year! So until then, high five and hang 20!

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FB Lucy II Surfing

Three different sets for three different sizes. Small, medium and large breed dogs. Above, Lucy takes a wave for her ride in, spinning the board 180 degrees while staying on at the end of her run! That earned her a spot in top small breed!

FB Prepping for a Wave
There was quite a bit of prep work getting the dogs ready for the waves. You didn’t think they just dog paddled out on their boards did you? Volunteers from Ocean Magic Surf Shop and the dog owners helped get their dogs stoked. Here, Attie is getting ready to take on the surf in the medium dog category.

FB Rosie Shake Cole Hand

Wasn’t all surfing. My nine year old son made friends with Rosie, a Rottweiler who loved showing off her tricks!

FB Gator Ride

Local Meteorologist, Kait Parker’s dog “Gator” getting ready to ride a wave in with help from volunteer Mike Russo.

FB Going for It

Attie getting ready to bail as the nose of the surfboard digs under the water. But she held on like a champion and rightfully so!

FB Lucy II Bail

FB Lucy II First Place

This little lady pictured above, had to take her leap. While graciously doing so, she still captured first in the small dog category.

FB Encouragement on the Ride

Volunteer Corey Surette takes a little guy out for a ride.

FB Lucy Bear Booker Board

Our dog Lucy Bear decided to photo bomb East Coast dog surfing champ Booker D. Surfdog‘s board. She loves to pose for people, but also loves the water just as much. She simply wanted someone to take her out to the waves!

FB Booker D Surfdog Ride

Booker D. Surfdog showing why he is number one on the east coast!

FB Onyx Catching Wave

Onyx took number one at this event for large dog category. Definitely a pro!

FB Onyx Bail

But even the pros have to bail sometimes!

FB Waiting

Nina Raflowitz takes Moe out for some waves.

FB Kait and Gator

WPTV Meteorologist Kait Parker poses with Gator after his set on the waves. Gator is available for adoption at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Hooray to Kait’s support and bringing Gator out for some fun in the sun!

FB Molly Riding

Tiki catching his wave!

FB Scuba Jax

FB Oh Yeah

FB Dog Costume Winners

After the surfing, there was a dog costume contest. There were some really great costumes and classy dogs! Congrats to the winners, pictured above!

FB Medium Dogs 1st Place

Can you tell this young lady is thrilled with her dog Attie? Or how about Attie’s smile? Attie took first place in the medium category for her work on the waves!

FB Onyx 1st

Onyx took first place for large category. He really handled the board well and took it all!

FB Crowds II

Thanks to Ocean Magic Surf Shop, Big Dog Ranch Rescue and event planner/coordinator, Shellie Chiet for drawing in the crowds to this 1st year event! It was a pleasure to volunteer and take photographs for this wonderful event and cause!

If your in the Jupiter area, be sure to stop by and visit Ocean Magic Surf Shop on the Southeast corner of US 1 and Indiantown Road near Outback Steakhouse. Also, check out Big Dog Ranch Rescue and consider supporting their cause!

For more information on who sits behind a keyboard and types all this out, check out my about me blog on Steve Huskisson Photography “Who is Steve Huskisson Anyways?” or visit my Facebook page.

Below are a few more pictures from the event!

FB Posing at the Tents

FB Lucy Bear Closeup

FB Booker D Surfdog

FB MCing

FB Paws

FB Booker D and Onyx Pose

FB Kait Steve and Cole

The only picture of this blogger from the event. With my nine year old son and WPTV Meteorologist Kait Parker. I look forward to next year’s event. Hang 20!

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  1. What a fun day…….I can honestly say I never thought I’d be photographing this, but what a hoot. Love your pictures. I love the picture of the dog bailing – I think that’s Gator and who didn’t just love Lucy Great pics and great meeting youi

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